Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)

Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)

Speak Softly Love

Speak softly, love and hold me warm against your heart
I feel your words, the tender trembling moments start
Were in a world, our very own
Sharing a love that only few have ever known

Wine-colored days warmed by the sun
Deep velvet nights when we are one

Speak softly, love so no one hears us but the sky
The vows of love we make will live until we die
My life is yours and all becau-au-se
You came into my world with love so softly love

Wine-colored days warmed by the sun
Deep velvet nights when we are one

Speak softly, love so no one hears us but the sky
The vows of love we make will live until we die
My life is yours and all becau-au-se
You came into my world with love so softly love................

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    griffeys ssssssss 14/05/2012 22:54

                                          Griffey receives Historic Achievement Award 

    "Ken Griffey Jr., whose superior performance and effervescent demeanor thrilled legions of fans throughout his 22-year career, received the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award, which recognizes achievements and contributions of historical significance.

    Griffey was recognized at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington during a news conference Sunday preceding Game 4 of the World Series. He became only the 12th recipient of the award, which was created in 1998, and the first since 2007, when Rachel Robinson was honored for sustaining the legacy of her late husband, Jackie Robinson, and for her service to Major League Baseball."

                                  Ken Griffey Jr. is in Peoria, and talks about M's chances, his role, and Prince Fielder

    Ken Griffey Jr. arrived in Mariners camp today, watching from behind a fence near the third-base dugout as his former team played an intrasquad game. Griffey,<a href="http://www.kengriffeyjrshoesla.com/ken-griffey-jr-shoes-c-9.html">ken griffey jr shoes</a> as always, was a magnet for former teammates, the media, team personnel and well-wishers of all sorts. 

    This is Junior's second year in his role as a Mariner special advisor, and he says we'll see more of him this year than last. He plans to once again take trips to all the minor-league affiliates as well as picking up the major-league team several times through the season.

    "I'm mainly coming back here now to get to know the guys,'' he said.

    "We'll have a couple of talks,'' he said,<a href="http://www.kengriffeyjrshoesla.com">ken griffey shoes</a> saying it was good to see "Ichi, Figgy, Smoaky, the Condor" -- references to Ichiro, Chone Figgins, Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders. Don't read that as a slight on the others, however -- he had a smile (or wisecrack) and good word for just about everyone on the team. 

    Of the 2012 Mariners, Griffey said, "I think we're going surprise some people. We have some good kids. The first question I asked is, how'd they come in? Everyone was real surprised how good shape guys came in."

    I asked Griffey if he tried to recruit free agent Prince Fielder, who lives nearby in Orlando, to the Mariners. His answer was enlightening and shed some light on the Mariners' pursuit of Fielder.

    "That's what everyone thinks because he lives right by me,'' Griffey said.<a href="http://www.kengriffeyjrshoesla.com">griffey shoes</a> "That's what everyone thinks. Nah. Prince is his own man. You can't jeopardize relationships. If he had asked me about it, I would have talked about it. My main thing with him was to maintain the same relationship we always had. I don't get into anybody's business financially. 

    "Jack (Zduriencik) said, 'Hey, we're pursuing him.' I said, 'OK.' He said, "If he talks to you, you'll talk to him?' I said, 'Yeah, but I'm not going to seek him out. That's not fair to either one of us.' ''

    And, Griffey said, Prince never asked.<a href="http://www.kengriffeyjrshoesla.com">ken griffey jr shoes</a> Griffey said he was as surprised as everyone else when Fielder signed with Detroit. 

    "Nothing in this game surprises you any more, but I didn't think it would be Detroit. I thought it would be someplace else."<hr>

    Ken Griffey Jr. in at DH, Milton Bradley in left field and batting clean-up for Mariners tonight

    Those of you expecting big offensive changes tonight because of the recent roster moves are going to be disappointed. The Mariners have Ken Griffey Jr.<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">griffey shoes</a> in at designated hitter once again and batting fifth against Tampa Bay ace James Shields. Milton Bradley is now in front of Griffey at the clean-up spot while Jose Lopez bats sixth.

    So, those of you expecting to see Ryan Langerhans replacing Bradley as the left fielder on at least a semi-regular basis so Bradley can be the DH? It isn't happening. At least, not for now. For now, the big idea is to have a real backup shortstop in Josh Wilson and a guy who can give center fielder Franklin Gutierrez a rest every now and then in Langerhans.

    "Obviously, these weren't as much offensive moves as defensive moves,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">cheap griffeys</a>'' Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu said. "Where, you look at Guti's season so far, he's playing every day. And there are times where he's still, you see him getting a litle bit tired and we didn't really have that option of putting anybody out there in center field. Langerhans gives us coverage in all three (outfield) positions. He's a guy we're comfortable with.''

    Wakamatsu did add that both guys give him defensive coverage in case players have to be pinch-hit for late and the game drags on.<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">ken griffey shoes</a> He was asked whether he'd try to get Langerhans in some games in left field, the way he'd done with Eric Byrnes, just to keep his productive bat fresh.

    "No, I think right now it's more defensive,'' Wakamatsu said. "It just gives us some flexibility to give Guti a day off if we need it.<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">ken griffey jr shoes</a> And if something happens, we have more coverage out there.''

    Which begged the ovbvious follow-up question of whether Wakamatsu planned to keep going with Bradley in left and Griffey/Sweeney as his right-left DH combo.

    "Obviously, the way the season's gone so far we're looking at every different way to get us some wins,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">king griffey shoes</a>'' he said. "It just gives us a little bit more options. We don't know yet.''

    What are those offensive options, then, besides giving the team a chance to rest Gutierrez?

    "It gives you, like I said, for me to be able to not put Tui,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">griffeys</a> an inexperienced guy, in at shortstop if those (pinch-hit) moves don't work or we don't score in that situation,'' he said. "Offensively, it doesn't give us a whole lot. We talked about the need for more production in our lineup. These are two guys who, career-wise, obviously on paper, who are not going to be a big impact. It does allow us the freedom to maybe give guys aday off here and there. Or to be able to make defensive replacements if we have to. But that's about it.''

    Wakmatsu believes "the talent is there" on is current club and that the regulars have to have more productive at-bats,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">griffeys 2012</a> espeically in key situations. The Mariners had a hitters' meeting this afternoon and talked about the need to execute the fundamentals of offense -- like moving the runners over, getting bunts down and having productive at-bats.

    So, we'll see whether anything changes. 

    One thing I can tell you: it won't be easy tonight. Shields throws an above-average change-up to opposite-handed hitters and Griffey and company had best be ready for it or it will be a very long night once again.

    Anyhow, Josh Wilson comes back to the majors after hitting .333 in Class AAA and leading the Pacific Coast League with 11 doubles.<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">griffeys sneakers</a> He hit .300 this past spring with the Mariners after never really being considered much of an offensive force.

    Wilson says the big difference was returning to Seattle this year, where he had coaches -- like former Colorado mentor Allan Cockrell, when he used to be in the Rockies organization -- who believed in him.

    "It was nice knowing all winter long that I was working on something and it was going to carry over,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">king griffeys</a>'' Wilson said. "It was just that I worked on the same things. A swing that I always felt comfortable with. Numerous times, I'd get into spring training and before I even had an at-bat in a game, I had the coaches telling me I'd have to do something different.''

    Langerhans said he understood why the Mariners designated him for assignment in the opening week of the season. He knew the bullpen needed an extra arm and says he told GM Jack Zduriencik he'd love to stay with the organization if he cleared waivers.

    He did and worked on improving his bat once he went to Class AAA.<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">cheap ken griffey shoes</a> Langerhans started 0-for-6, but soon went 11-for-33 after that with six doubles.

    "If you go down there with a sour attitude, you're not going to endear yourself to your teammates,'' he said. "If you hold grudges or have a sour attitude,<a href="http://www.kinggriffeyshoesmax.com">griffey shoes 2012</a> it's not going to get you back to where you need to be anyway.''

    So, Langerhans avoided ny bitterness and got to work. Now, he's back. We'll see how he's used from here.<hr>

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