Crying - Roy Orbison (Duet With K.D. Lang) 1961

Crying - Roy Orbison (Duet With K.D. Lang) 1961
Roy Orbison (Duet with K.D. Lang) 1961

I was alright for a while
I could smile for a while
Then I saw you last night
You held my hand so tight
When you stopped to say hello
You wished me well, you couldn`t tell
That I`d been crying over you
Crying over you
Then you said so long
And left me standing all alone
Alone and crying
Crying, crying, crying
It`s hard to understand
That the touch of your hand
Can start me crying
I thought that I was over you
But it`s true, so true
I love you even more than I did before
But darling what can I do?
No you don`t love me and I`ll always be
Crying over you
Crying over you
Yes, now you`re gone
And from this moment on
I`ll be crying, crying, crying, crying,
Crying, crying, over you


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