Find Me, David Gate

Find Me, David Gate

Find me

David Gates

The skies are not as blue, when you're not with me
The stars, they never seem to shine as bright
And the hours crack like days across the ages
And a year or two pass by with every night.
It makes me know if i should ever leave this world before you do
When you follow you must promise, cross your heart and promise to

Find me...look hard, and dont stop, I'll be waiting 'till then
Dont sleep, and dont eat 'till I'm back, back in your arms again
I dont wanna have to spend all my forever without you.
Just knowing that your out there somewhere too.
So darlin...please I'm begging you on bended knee...
Find me...

I've tried to tell this world how much i love you.
But they dont understand how deep it goes.
And i can't even find the words to tell you
So I'm the only one who really knows.
And though we have our times together, I am always wanting more
So if we get separated wont you do just like before and

(Chorus 2)
Find me...look hard and dont stop, I'll be waiting 'till then
Dont sleep, and dont eat 'till I'm back, back in your arms again
Through a hundred million faces you will see me shinning through.
'Cause I'll glow when you come close , I always do.
So darlin' please im begging you on bended knee..
We can share our love through all eternity
'Cause with you is all i ever wanna be......
Find me




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