I need you - America

I need you - America

I Need You

ARTIST: America
Lyrics and Chords

We used to laugh, we used to cry
We used to bow our heads then wonder why
But now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on
And make the best of what you've left to me
Left to me, left to me

/ A - Amaj7 - / Em G C - / 1st, 2nd / Fmaj7 - D7 - /

I need you
Like the flower needs the rain
You know I need you
Guess I'll start it all again
You know I need you
Like the winter needs the spring
You know I need you
I need you

/ G - / Em - / Bm - / Am7 D7 / G - / Em - / Bm ... (D E)

And every day
I'd laugh the hours away
Just knowing you were thinking of me
Then it came
That I was put to blame
For every story told about me
About me, about me

{Refrain, repeat}


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